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Bone Grafting

Bone grafts are procedures performed to augment the bone that surrounds your teeth. Many patients will not realize that they have lost bone volume until they have an examination at a dental implant consultation in Hixson, TN. Dr. Charles McBrayer and Dr. Strever provides a complete evaluation when helping you determine the best method for replacing missing teeth and will inform you of any treatment, like bone grafting, that may be required to restore your oral health.

Common reasons for bone loss:

Periodontal disease can result in the loss of tooth and bone. As the bacteria that inhabit plaque are neglected, they flourish and spread throughout the mouth, creating inflammation and bleeding. Without treatment, the infection ravages connective tissue, gums, teeth, and bone.

Losing a tooth causes bone deterioration at the site. This is why replacing missing teeth is crucial to preserving bone health as well as your appearance.


Bone Grafting

Socket Preservation Helps preserve Jawbone Density

Types of Bone Grafts

Autogenous +

Autogenous grafts utilize tissue donated from the patient’s own body. This decreases the risk of rejection that can occur with the use of foreign materials. In this case, the donor bone is generally taken from the lower jaw, under the front teeth.

Allograft +

Allograft donor tissue also comes from a human source collected from a cadaver at a bone-bank. The material is safe and is an excellent option for patients who are not able to utilize their own bone.

Xenografts +

Xenografts utilize non-human tissue to restore the necessary bone for replacing teeth. Xenografts generally derive from a bovine source.


Bone grafting procedures restore your bone volume to protect your facial structure and provide sufficient density for replacing missing teeth. Dr. McBrayer and Dr. Strever will discuss bone grafting with you during your dental implant consultation in Hixson, TN, if he finds that you have experienced significant bone loss.

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