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Sinus Lift

What to Expect When Having a Sinus Lift

A common problem for those missing teeth in the upper molar or premolar area of the jaw is the lack of bone volume due to the sinus cavity. Those with a large sinus cavity or lack of bone volume in their upper jaw will find it difficult to have dental implants placed in this location since there is insufficient bone volume to hold the implant post in place effectively. A sinus lift is a procedure used to augment the bone of your upper jaw. To accommodate the addition of bone, the sinuses must be lifted. Dr. Charles McBrayer and Dr. Strever frequently performs this treatment in preparation for those seeking dental implants in their upper jaw.


Sinus Lift

Example of a Sinus Lift Procedure

What to Expect When Having a Sinus Lift

Most patients will only learn that they need a sinus lift during a consultation for dental implants for Chattanooga, TN. If you have been considering replacing missing teeth with dental implants, contact our office for a comprehensive examination. Dr. McBrayer and Dr. Strever can discuss all of your available tooth restoration options with you.

Reasons for a sinus lift:

  •  Patients who are replacing missing teeth but do not have enough bone density for Dr. McBrayer and Dr. Strever to place the posts of the dental implants.
  •  Those whose sinus is located too close to the jaw bone to allow for safe implantation.
  •  Patients who have neglected replacing missing teeth for an extended period of time and have experienced bone deterioration as a result.


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