Crown Lengthening Review - Hixson, TN

Tiana's Story

Doctor McbrayerTiana Shares Her Experience With Crown Lengthening

So, I had braces for many years…too many years in my opinion. But when I had my braces on, I noticed that also led to excessive gum tissue showing. I really didn’t care for that aspect so I came in to get that rectified. So, I came in for my consultation and exam and he looked in my mouth. He told me what he could do, which was basically get a laser and go across my teeth and align it so it was straight. And then I said, “Okay that’s fine.” So, I actually got the crown lengthening done. And he said, “Okay I got this.”

Tiana Hixson, TN

So, we went through and basically aligned my teeth and even during the procedure he was showing me how my teeth looked as the time went on. And I was like, “Okay this is fine.” At the end of it, everything was lined up as it was supposed to. Beforehand it was gummy, but it’s my smile so that’s how I am and I love myself regardless, but now I can just feel like I can go out and smile and not worry about anything.