Teeth in a Day Review - Hixson, TN

Bernie's Story

Doctor McbrayerBernie's Shares His Experience about Teeth In A Day

As a figure on the radio, having to enunciate, you need some good chops. I’m also on billboards as well and TV a lot doing news stories. When people see your smile, or your teeth, they make an impression. If it’s not right, if its discolored, if its rotten, as mine were. I had an accident and lost a couple of my teeth and it was quite humiliating. I came in to see Dr. McBrayer about what I needed to do to get my teeth healthier. I told him I saw something on TV about someone coming in and having everything done in a day. I said, “Can I get teeth in a day?” And he said of course. The funny thing about it—probably the blessing to me—the next morning when I woke up, I had no pain.

Bernie Hixson, TN

My wife has a beautiful smile, and my son has a great smile, and I look at them and feel a little jealous. After having my work done, the three of us are looking into the camera and taking pictures. I tease him and I say, “Hey, I’ve stepped up to your level.”