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Wisdom Teeth

Doctor McbrayerDoctor Strever explains when and why wisdom teeth need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last tooth to erupt into the mouth. In most cases, they are so far back in the jaw that they will never move into the proper position, and instead become impacted (buried under the gums). Pain and infection can occur, and possibly even damage to the neighboring tooth. Even if a wisdom tooth never gets infected, there is a high chance that they develop cysts later in life, requiring extensive corrective jaw surgery.

When to Seek Treatment

Tooth Extraction Hixson, TN

Ideally, wisdom teeth should be removed before they become infected or problematic. Patients usually recover best when they are younger, from about age 16 to 25. At this age, the roots are not completely formed and are removed with much less trauma to the surrounding areas.

Dr Strever usually recommends IV conscious sedation for most wisdom teeth procedures. This level of sedation is extremely safe, and allows the procedure to be completed quickly with very little downtime.


Tooth Extraction

Example of a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

How do I know if I have wisdom teeth?

Tooth Extraction Hixson, TN

An x-ray will be taken to examine the surrounding teeth, bone, and nerves and to evaluate the presence and number of wisdom teeth. This will also be used to see the angle of the teeth and their level of impaction.

What is the next step?
Call our office to schedule an evaluation. Dr Strever will examine the x-rays and determine if and when your wisdom teeth need to be removed.


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